Welcome !

Hi ! I am Rin ! Welcome to my shop !
Are you looking for a unique plushie, only for you ? Or a plushie of a creature from a cartoon or anime ? Or maybe perhaps an Original Character, with a unique story along with it ?
Then you are at the right place ! Here you will find all sorts of plushies, with all a common denominator : They are cute ! Feel free to browse, and send me a message if you see one you want to adopt, or if you are seeking something very special ;)

Plushies ! (and others ?)

I do all kind of plushies, ranging from pokemon plushies to plushies for events like Halloween. And sometimes, why not clothes ? All orders are made on-demand. The process is transparent : You can track the progress of your commission on Trello !

Franchise plushies !

Do you want a snom from Pokémon ? Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony ? Or perhaps Meinya from Made In Abyss ? Ask away !

Original characters !

I do as well my own Original Characters (OC) !
For those you receive along with your plushie an exclusive little card telling about the plushie's personality, or a story with them !

Commissions !

Want to adopt a very specific little creature ? Fill the form below and i'll get back to you to discuss about your wishes !

Terms Of Service

By commissioning me, no matter through which channel, you implicitly have read and accept those terms of service

General Rules
-Please if you contact me for a commission, state what you want on first message
-Any price is final, any "no" is "no"
-Any attempt at manipulation under one form or another, will result in an automatic commission drop without refund and a block.
-Rude Tax : Any rude behavior will, after a first and only warning, see the price of the commission increase by minimum 50% at my own discretion, or see the commission dropped without any refund followed by a block.

Commission process
-Orders are made through the online shop, or through the commission form.
-No work is started until at least 50% of the payment is received.
-You'll receive a tracking number to follow on Trello any progress made.
-You will be contacted for feedback on the commission. You can also ask for pictures
-No work is sent until at least 100% of the payment is received.
-No refund once product is shipped, be sure to communicate and be sure that it is how you want it to be before any shipping.

After sale customer service
-Through the whole process you have the opportunity to review the product and give feedback on it. As such, you don't get a refund or replacement for anything you would have not told explicitly. What is not said is not known.
-I repair, replace or refund happily if the fault lies with me. Any refund will follow sending the product back.

About me ! ⭐

Icon made by Sora !

Hi ! I'm Rin ! 26yo trans girl living in Berlin !
I love plushies, daydreaming, everything cute and girly, cartoons/animes, pen&paper roleplaying, writing wholesome stories and drawing my OCs !

Also i may be a part time magical girl saving the world by night, but sssssh, that's a secret ! ⭐

Want to support me ?
Any donation is hugely appreciated and will help me focus on sewing :)