Hi ! Welcome to my little website !

Hi i'm Stella ! I'm a little Fairy who likes to sew, especially cute little plushies ! I hope i can bring around me some light and some smiles with the cute little creatures i create !
Enjoy your visit here ! And if you want something made just for you, you are welcome to send me a little message :)

A fairy sewing a giant lapras plushie, surrounded by oversized sewing tools

Image by @Solappii !

Plushies !

I do all kind of plushies, ranging from plushies inspired by cartoons, animes and videogames, to plushies of original characters, designed either by me or by the commissionner. Patterns are most of the time made by myself. Fabric used is Minky, from Stoffhummel.de. It is based on polyester, and extremely soft.

If you wish to commission me, send me a message with what you wish to have, and i'll get back to you with a price for it - The biggest defining factor is mostly plushie complexity, and if it needs a special microwavable filling, followed by price.

The process is transparent : You can track the progress of your commission on Trello ! If you want a peek, feel free to take a look at the following link, it will also give you a broad idea of my creation process.

Terms Of Service

By commissioning me, no matter through which channel, you implicitly have read and accept those terms of service

General Rules
-Please if you contact me for a commission, state what you want on first message
-Any price is final, any "no" is "no"
-Angry Tax : Any rude or manipulative behavior will, after a first and only warning, see the price of the commission double at my own discretion, or dropped without any refund followed by a blacklist.
-Delays are rough estimate: I make sure to
my best even if my health gets weak sometimes. Order early for gifts to ease the process.

Commission process
-Orders are made through the online shop, or through the commission form.
-No work is started until at least 50% of the payment is received.
-You'll receive a tracking number to follow on Trello any progress made.
-You will be involved for feedback during the creation process. What is not said is not known, make sure to tell your mind.
-No work is sent until at least 100% of the payment is received.
-Be sure to communicate and be sure that it is how you want it to be before any shipping.

After sale customer service
-Any demand that wasn't done during creation process won't be fulfilled unless you pay the asked modification.
-I repair, replace or refund if the fault lies with me. Any refund will follow sending the product back.

About me ! ⭐

Hi ! I am Stella ! A little fairy living in Berlin !
I love (of course) plushies, but also spending time with my friends, daydreaming, everything cute and girly, cartoons/animes, pen&paper roleplaying, writing wholesome stories and drawing my OCs !

I dream to bring around me sparkles and happiness, and try to do so despite a weak health. Plushies are always there, fluffy and full of support in our weakest moments. I hope to bring a bit of light and joy by making them.

Also i may be a part time magical girl saving the world by night, but sssssh, that's a secret ! ⭐

Awesome artists i worked with ! ⭐

Picture of a smiling girl holding a plushie

Lex Miero is a kind birb-loving girl with a gallery full of colourful characters and heart. She made my profile image!

Picture of a smiling girl holding a plushie

Solappii made my banner ! She's an awesome artist, helpful and patient with her commissioners, and full of ideas

Picture of a smiling girl holding a plushie

Stoffhummel is a very small company who do incredibly soft minky, with beautiful colors and fast shipping !

Picture of a smiling girl holding a plushie

FleurDeLune is working atm on my logo ! She has an awesome style and is a very nice person to work with !